25 of the Coolest Nail Creations for Summer Jul 20, 2017 by Taylor (Day Styles)

There is something to be said about having great looking nails, especially during the summer, when women often wear sandals and open-toe shoes. This summer, you can make a statement simply by trying different nail creations.

1. Red, White, and Blue

With the Fourth of July holiday just around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to start scoping out some unique nail creations for both your hands and feet. Of course, you can always stick with solid red, white, or blue, but why not get creative with beautiful designs? You can have all of your nails painted a bright red, excluding your ring fingers. Those nails would feature a starburst effect using blue and white, complete with a shiny jewel.

Another option consists of red polish on the thumb, pointer, and pinky and blue polish with tiny white polka dots on the middle and ring fingers. One of the coolest nail creations consists of a French manicure where the very tips of the nails are painted red, except the ring finger, which would have two red horizontal stripes and blue polish near the base enhanced with white stars.


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