25 of the Coolest Nail Creations for Summer Jul 20, 2017 by Taylor (Day Styles)

2. Time at the Beach

Even while spending time at the beach, you want your hands and feet to look their best. In this case, you can have a professional technician create something that coordinates with your swimsuit. When wearing something pink, you might consider bright pink polish on all but the middle and ring finger. For your middle finger, the technician can add glitter, and on the ring finger, a blush pink polish with dark pink jewels. To complete the look, you can match your toes with the glitter pink polish.

A blue Ombre effect is an excellent way to celebrate a day at the beach. You can then have your nails painted a sky blue, which gradually becomes a stunning ocean blue color. Another fun nail creation consists of a hot pink base, finished with a sparkly blue tip. A nail tech can also paint all of your nails with an aqua color polish that boasts dark blue squiggly lines reminiscent of the ocean waves.

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