25 Beauty Tips for Surviving the Summer Jul 20, 2017 by Taylor (Day Styles)

You want to look your best all year round, but during the hot summer months, this can be somewhat challenging. With the 25 beauty tips provided, you will find it easier to survive the heat while looking incredible.

Head Scarves

You might think of scarves as something that you wear during the winter to keep your neck warm, but during the summer, they can also keep your neck cool. When wrapped around the head, you can use scarves to keep your hair up, which makes dealing with hot and humid temperatures easier.

For a great look, consider lightweight scarves made of 100 percent cotton. Also, choose lighter-colored scarves, such as light blue, green, pink, purple, and white. Whether a solid color or patterned, head scarves look beautiful while keeping you cool. You can also use thinner scarves to tie your hair back, making hot summers more tolerable. By choosing a scarf that coordinates or complements an outfit, you will look and feel amazing.


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