25 Beauty Tips for Surviving the Summer Jul 20, 2017 by Taylor (Day Styles)

Choose the Right Makeup

For women who live in states with high levels of humidity, wearing makeup is difficult. The problem is that it runs or smears due to excessive perspiration. For that reason, many women choose to go without makeup during the summer, excluding mascara, eyebrow liner, and lip gloss. If you want to look your best this summer, you can by simply choosing the right kind of makeup.

To look incredible all summer, even in extreme heat or humidity, you want to choose a foundation formulated to stick to the skin. One option involves using a spray-on foundation that adheres great to the skin while creating a stunning airbrushed effect. An air-whipped cream is also a good choice. Once applied, it dries matte and adheres well without leaving your face shiny or greasy looking.

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