Summer Style 2016: The Best Hairstyles Mar 1, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

We're seeing a lot of really different hair trends on the runways this Spring/Summer 2016. Luckily for us, a lot of them are extremely easy to mimic! There's a variety of new and returning looks to choose from to find your favorite summer style.

Au Natural

On many different runways, we saw a lot of designers opting to let the models wear their natural hair. From Stella McCartney to Isabel Marant, the models had no product in their hair and just walked down the runway with what they were born with.

Low Buns

There was a very minimalist approach to hair on the runways this season, and a lot of designers wanted to use hairstyles that people could recreate at home. The low bun/low knot was popular and is perfect for summer months. Marchesa, Zac Posen, and Jason Wu each had their own take on the low bun, and we loved them all!

Hair Accessories

Adding a little “bling” to your hair was something popular this season. From simple hairpieces to tiaras, there was something for everyone! Saint Laurent paired his boyish outerwear with tiaras while other designers such as Rodarte chose to use vintage-inspired jewellery. Either way, we hope this hair trend stays around a while!

Blunt Bangs

Wigs and fake hair used to be very faux pas, but today we think of them just as another accessory. You can clip in fake bangs to get a different look for the night, or you can cut your own hair and stay between a blunt bang and a side-swept bang. You can have a ton of fun with bangs, and with clips you don’t need to risk cutting your own hair.


We’ve seen a lot of very loose, bohemian braids and, this season, we’re seeing more braids that are tight and streamlined making a comeback on the runway. Louis Vuitton incorporated peek-a-boo braids on his models while other designers like Proenza Schouler pulled the hair back into a tight braid, and Valentino even went as far as to incorporate braided cornrows. Loose or tight, braids are an easy way to add something new to your hairstyle.

Tucked In

Remember when you were younger and when you put your turtleneck on and left your hair tucked in? We are seeing something a bit similar hitting the runway this season incorporating the latest accessory trend, the choker. Get yourself a choker and put it on, but don’t un-tuck your hair from it, keeping everything all wrapped up together in a pretty package!



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