Summer Style 2016: The Best Braids! Apr 19, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Summer is a great time to try different styles of braids in your hair, especially if you tend to wear a more “bohemian” style in the warmer months. Here are some of our favorite braid styles that you should try this summer!

French Braids

French braids may be one of the most classic styles of braids that you can find and are one of the only hairstyles that are sure never to go out of style. The French braid can instantly turn a bad hair day into a sleek and stylish one. It has the power to turn sophisticated outfits into edgy ones depending on how you wear it - a fauxhawk anyone?

Side Braids

This year there’s a twist on the classic side braid! Try keeping your hair down, but braiding one side as your hair peeks out from under your one ear. Emma Roberts pulled off this style wonderfully, pairing the braid trend with another hot summer trend, rose gold hair.

Mermaid/Fishtail Braids

Luxy Hair / Youtube

This style takes a little more practice and patience than other braids, but the result is totally worth it. It’s a braided hairstyle that has been sweeping the red carpet on celebrities such as Blake Lively, Minka Kelly, and Natasha Poly. There are limitless variations of this braid and how to work it into your hair, allowing room to put your own personality into it - which may be why everyone loves it so much!

Front Braids

Front braids are a great way of keeping your hair out of your face while still having a really delicate and feminine hairstyle. Celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Amanda Bynes, and Lauren Conrad are often wearing a version of the front braid with their long locks curled to perfection at the bottom.

Messy Braids

Olivia Palermo is the Queen of the “messy braid.” Her braids get so complex it looks almost like an art exhibit intertwined in her hair. Her hair from New York Fashion Week totally stole the show, as braids were braided with each other and the finished product was incredible. Messy braids be a complicated look to pull off properly, but, with practice, it’s sure to give you serious wow factor.

Halo Braids

Halo braids are so neat! They are a braid that goes over the top of your head almost exactly like a halo. This angelic hair style is popular amongst celebrities including Sophie Turner, Taylor Swift, Lea Michele, and Alicia Keys. Halo braids are a great style because it looks amazing from every angle, and gives off a fun, youthful vibe! Prep your hair with a volumizer before attempting this look so that the hair looks and feels fuller than normal. Whatever braid is right for you, let your hair grow out this summer and show off some new looks!



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