5 Amazing Reasons to See Wonder Woman Jun 2, 2017 by Callie (Day Styles)

It's been a long wait, but the first-ever live-action Wonder Woman movie is about to hit the theaters worldwide. Considering the character's long and varied history in the DC Comics universe, it's a small wonder we're just getting to this now. If you're not a fan of the comics, don't worry! This is a movie for everyone, and you'd be forgiven for thinking Wonder Woman is just some lady with a magic lasso. The upcoming film should prove you wrong, and there are at least five good reasons you should see it in theaters!

1. Critical Reception

Warner Bros.

Pop quiz, hotshots: how many DCEU movies have been a hit with the critics? The correct answer is none - at least until a few days ago. As of right now, Wonder Woman is holding steadfast at 95% at Rotten Tomatoes, with 105 of 112 reviews giving it a "Fresh" rating. What could have done it? Well, not being forced to set up sequels by shoehorning in characters and plot elements probably helped! Or maybe the studio executives finally let the creative team do their job? One thing is for sure - this movie is about to do wonders for DC's reputation, and for theatergoers.

2. Gal Gadot

"Batman v Superman" might have been a hot mess, but pretty much everyone agreed that Gal Gadot's memorable appearance was one of the movie's bright spots. Even in the little screentime she had, the Israeli actress managed to bring out the perfect combination of power and mystery to the character. And if the stories from her time in the Israeli army are anything to go by, she should be able to handle the physical demands of the role just fine.

3. It's a Period Piece

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Having World War I as the setting of Diana Prince's origin story is a bold choice, but we believe it's likely to pay off. It helps that WWI is not often explored in movies, so the audiences haven't had time to get sick of it yet. At the very least, this should be a nice change of pace from most superhero movies featuring the same big city battles. You could try to draw some parallels with Captain America: The First Avenger, but the two periods have less in common than you might think.

4. Patty Jenkins

It's still hard to believe it took Patty Jenkins 14 full years to shoot her second feature film. She's been keeping busy with some sporadic TV work, but her stellar debut "Monster" left us wanting to see a whole lot more from her. Back in the day, she seemed like a moderately safe bet to direct "Thor 2." Ultimately, however, she decided to leave the project due to creative differences. These days, she seems pretty happy with how everything's turned out.

5. It Already Made History

Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman breaks new ground in more ways than one, and it's the first female-led superhero blockbuster of our time. We've had female heroes try to carry their respective movies before (though we're trying to forget that ever happened), but the high-profile nature of Wonder Woman puts it on a different level. Thankfully, it looks like its $100 million budget was put to good use.

If the movie proves successful with the general audience, this could be an incredibly important step forward for the superhero genre and the movie industry at large. Our tickets are already purchased - how about yours?



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