Celebrity Phobias Nov 11, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

Phobia – An irrational or extreme fear of or aversion to something; and it can’t be your mom when you’re in trouble. A lot of people including celebrities suffer from extreme fear. For some, their phobia is so severe it disables them. Fear on a basic level is essential to survival; if you weren’t naturally afraid to run out in front of a bus or didn’t know to run if a bear was chasing you, then your life would be put at risk. Experts say fear keeps you aware and on your toes. However, if your fear becomes extreme the opposite happens; it interferes with normal function and will debilitate or stress your quality of life. Here are a few celebrity phobias that just might make you feel better about your own extreme fears.

Anderson – Mirrors

August Fairchild / Shutterstock.com

This one is a little bit weirdly creepy. Pamela Anderson, ex Babewatch star, has no issues stripping down naked for Playboy magazine not once, but 11 times. Yet she claims to freak-out if she looks at herself in the mirror and swears she doesn’t even watch herself on television.


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