Summer Style 2016: Festival Essentials Apr 14, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Think about famous festival role models like Gigi Hadid, Alexa Chung, and Kendall Jenner. They not only look the part, but everything they wear serves some purpose. Your wardrobe at a festival really should be your survival kit. You have to pack light and look good at a major music event. What are these pieces you need in your festival survival kit? Keep reading and find out!


There’s a difference between the type of dress you’d wear to the office and the dress you’d wear to Coachella this summer. When you are trying to round up your festival essentials, dresses are number one on your list. From macramé dresses to sheer, colorful dresses, you want a few dresses that are going to be most comfortable for you. Keep in mind you’ll be in a field in the hot sun all day so make sure your dress is appropriate for the weather and once you’re dressed you want to be carefree and relaxed!


Footwear is a big consideration when you’re going to festivals because they need to look great but be functional at the same time. Opt for sandals with a rubber sole that form to the bottom of your feet for support. You’re going to be on grass all day, so support is crucial not only for your feet but for your legs and your back as well. If you’re in a pinch and don’t want to give up fashion for function, pop some insoles into your shoes or onto your sandals to help you survive the long days and nights dancing and walking!


There is an endless number of sunglass you could choose from to take with you to Bestival this year, but the biggest eyewear trend we’ve seen are kaleidoscope glasses. Watch and listen to your favorite bands through some seriously groovy lenses and be the talk of the entire festival. These glasses will set you apart from everyone else, and you can match them with everything from some cut-off denim jeans to your favorite mini dress.


When you’re outside and at a festival all day, there’s bound to be some essentials you’ll need that you need to carry with you in a bag. The most convenient type of bag is one you don’t need to be constantly holding, so consider a cross-body bag or even a fanny pack (if you can pull it off). Try mixing up your textures and opt for a suede purse with fringe or patchwork! The smaller the purse the better, however, you don’t want to hurt your back carrying around a huge duffel bag all day.


A jacket is essential to take you from day to night when you’re outside, but you don’t want one that’s going to be too much to carry around or something you dread wearing. Think back to the 70s and channel your inner free-spirited hippy when selecting which jacket to get. Suede, leather, tassels, and colors are perfect for festival season. Light-weight bombers, waistcoats, and trench coats are all a possibility - don’t be afraid to spice things up with your jacket.

Get ready, get dressed, and get dancing with your festival essentials.



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