Outrageous Luxury Gifts for the Rich & Famous Nov 24, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

In the high spirit of the Holiday Season, the rich and famous go a little nuts and buy ridiculously expensive gifts; at least for the budget of the working class. We live in a world where we all want more. But keep in mind wanting and needing are two different things. You might want a Lamborghini, Coach Bag, Starbucks VIP Gold Card, or your own personal assistant. Justin Bieber can afford to buy himself a new jet and Drew Barrymore can happily accept a thousand dollar Hermes scarf from her beau. Chin up, appreciate what you have for now, dream big about what you really want, and have fun reading about some of these unbelievable Christmas presents the rich and famous can afford.

First Up – Boxer Inside and Outside of the Ring

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Mike Tyson no doubt has made his name in the big bad world of boxing; in and out of the ring if you listen to tabloids. At one point it was rumored he was collecting exotic Bengal Tigers. Tyson is a spender and he didn’t stop with the precious tigers; there are a few higher priced items that contributed to his reported thirty-eight million dollar debt in 2004. He bought a two million dollar bathtub for his wife at the time; Robin Givens.

Husband Brings Stardom and the Wife Gets Rewarded

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In 2007 Jessica, Jerry Seinfeld’s wife was given an appearance on the Oprah show to promote her cookbook. She got a ginormous thank-you afterward by the host; a gift of 21 pairs of designer shoes. The value – twenty-one thousand dollars.


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