How to Host a Glamorous Oscar Party Feb 24, 2017 by Sarah (Day Styles)

The Academy Awards are right around the corner on Sunday night. Undoubtedly you’re planning to gather all of your girlfriends together to watch the red carpet over a glass (or four) of wine! But are you REALLY ready for the Oscars? Do you have the glitz and the glamor that you should bring to this annual tradition? Here are some great tips to keep in mind while you’re planning your Oscars party.

Dress Code

Make sure you let people know what type of dress code they should plan their outfits around for your Oscar party. Is it black tie? Red carpet glamor? Or maybe you’re having a pajama party! Whatever it is, make sure all of your guests know so no one feels like they’re left out.


The invitations really set the tone for the whole party. Whether you decide to send out well-designed digital invites or you have glossy invitations printed up and sent via snail mail, this is the first real peak at what you have planned for the party. Try to incorporate foil, glitter, or gold if you’re party is going to be totally glamorous or try a try minimalist design if your party is going to be black tie.


Décor is a major part of any social gathering, especially when it has such a well-known theme like the Oscars. Use some accents to make your party stand out and add some “Old Hollywood” decorations to keep in theme with what’s happening on TV. Find some new champagne flutes or saucers, invest in a new bar cart and grab some home décor accents that scream Hollywood (red drapes or tablecloths, anyone?) and dazzle your guests!

Don’t Forget You Outfit

In the midst of getting all of your party details in order, don’t forget to pick something spectacular for yourself as well! Since you are the host of the party, don’t be afraid to go a little above and beyond what you would normally wear. Have fun with it!

Your Makeup

If you’ve decided to go all-out for your outfit, you can try keeping your makeup simple. Some mascara and a bold red lip. Or a smoky eye with a neutral lip works just as well! If you’ve chosen to wear something a bit more understated, then you should feel free to bring some extra BAM to your makeup! Add some glitter to your lips or your eyes, go for bright, bold colors, experiment and have fun!

Food and Beverages

Do some research (and we encourage taste testing) and find a signature cocktail that you’d like to serve at your party. Offer additional items such as wine, champagne, or brandy for your guests. If you are unsure of what to serve for food and want a great night, go all out! Offer a caviar station or a dessert station, or maybe you want a candy bar or a large charcuterie board. Add some glitter, ribbons, or shiny metallic placemats around the dishes to make the area extra glamorous.

Offer a Champagne Bar

What cooler way could you toast your favorite actor/actress than with a customized glass of champagne, just the way you like it. Lay out some champagne flutes and some dishes with champagne toppers! Edible flowers make for beautiful Instagram photos, but you can add berries, candy, orange peel, whatever you want! Your guests will LOVE this idea.

Paparazzi Selfies

Invest in some disposable cameras that you can lay around your party area and let your guests have fun! The best part about disposable cameras is that no one can delete the photos and it’s always a really fun surprise to go through them all once they’ve been developed (although we don’t recommend posting or copying anyone’s photos without permission!) This might also keep your guests in check with their drinks - no one wants to get caught by the “paparazzi” after having too much to drink! Have fun posing for “celeb” candids and red carpet pics!

A Playlist

Music plays a big factor in determining the success of a party, so make sure when you are picking your music, you include music from films that have been nominated for an Oscar this year. With the awesome musical “La La Land” up for SO MANY nominations, it shouldn’t be too hard this year! Just remember to watch for your favorite award moments and be able to mute the music quickly to watch the winners get their awards!



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