Celebrity Airbrushing – Before and After Aug 28, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

Unrealistic Pressures To Look Perfect

Psychology Today experts remind us just how dangerous high fashion model magazines, billboards, and any other form of celebrity medium are. In most cases the glamorous picture perfect photo you see is impossible for the commoner, that’s you and me, to achieve. What most of us don’t realize is this actor/actress has beauty specialists, trainers, and personal nutritionists on call 24/7 to help them look drop dead gorgeous. Even when they’ve just rolled out of bed. Impossible for “regular” folk.

Add to this the cheating in the form of photoshopping a lot of these publications partake in. Cinch the waist a little here, narrow the face, lengthen the legs, plump up the cleavage, chisel the jawline, erase acne or any facial blemish, and add volume to the hair. These are all common strategic moves done to make star photos perfect.


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