45 Celebrities and Their Favorite Foods Oct 8, 2015 by Sarah (Day Styles)

When I sit and think about what celebrities are obsessed with eating, I tend to think more along the lines of fresh vegetables, green juices or expensive seafood. But after seeing what some of my favorite celebrities have been munching on, I feel much better about my dietary choices. We all have our vice’s right? Check out this list and see if what your favorite celebrity loves to indulge in.

1. Scarlett Johansson

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Believe it or not, this stunning actress says that her favorite food is buffalo chicken wings! She’s been quoted as saying “Oh my god I am obsessed with buffalo chicken wings. I am addicted to them. You will have to roll me down the red carpet next time you see me.”

2. Anna Kendrick

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Anna Kendrick has recently exposed herself as a Taco Bell addict. She actually said she goes out of her way to go to Taco Bell’s with a drive-thru. That way she doesn’t have to get out of her car and she can hide in her car to eat it. “It’s just so filthy that I can’t do it. It has to be under cover of darkness in my car. I drive out of my way for the one with the drive-thru so I don’t have to go inside and I’ll just eat it in my car. This is my cry for help."


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