World's Most Powerful Celebrities Sep 2, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

Talk About Living the High Life

Many people get snitty when you talk about those "top of the world" entertainers that make more money every year than most could ever dream of in a lifetime. Some are deserving of it and others just happen to get lucky and are just riding it out. Arguably you've got to have some marketable talent that can be monetized to make this specialty list.

One thing that's guaranteed is none of these euphoric celebrities did it on their own. Each has a massive and very intricately built team of support; managers, lawyers, personal assistants, fitness, and nutrition associates, negotiators, and all sorts of other top notch business gurus. After all "there is no I in team". Forbes has done some pretty heavy duty investigating to come up with the Top 10 List of powerful celebrities. Let's see if you agree.


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