The Most Successful Infomercials In History Dec 6, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

If you’ve ever been at home watching television during the day or late at night, the chances are you’ve seen an infomercial. How well do those products actually sell? You’re going to be surprised! Here are eleven of the most successful infomercials in history - and they were worth millions.



The Bowflex has been on the market since 1986, and the company has been (and remains) one of the most successful fitness machines in the world. Over 2.5 million Americans have a Bowflex in their home gym (although the number of machines that double as a coat rack is unknown). In 2012, the company had $140 million in revenue, and it all started with a funky infomercial. The machines are now sold under the Nautilus, Inc. brand, which makes well over $200 million in revenue every year.

George Foreman Grill

Some people think that famous boxer and entrepreneur George Foreman invented this grill, but he only brought his name and charisma to the product. Foreman received $137 million from the investors to use his name on their grill in 1999. It’s estimated that Foreman made over$200 million from the endorsement over the years. His famous infomercials helped to make the George Foreman Grill a household name and sell over 100 million models around the world.


Tony Horton launched his workout series on DVD in 2005, and now it brings him about $400 million in annual revenue each year. Beachbody CEO asked Tony to develop something designed for people who were already fit and wanted to take it to the next level, and P90X was born. Long infomercials detailed the different workouts and fitness tips contained in the videos, and the program has sold over 4.2 million copies worldwide to date.


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