Luxury Cars - Hollywood Style Sep 4, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

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In Hollywood every corner you turn you'll spot smoking hot cars with owners to match. With disposable incomes well into the millions, these celebs can afford to buy one of everything if they like; and some just about do. From sleek and sexy Ferrari's to super status sophisticated Bentley's, there's plenty of double-take super sweet luxury cars driving around to make your eyes pop. Particularly in Hollywood California and Beverly Hills.It's inevitable that with fame comes ridiculously off the chart expensive and accessorized to the max luxury rides. Most costing more than a couple fabulous houses. Makes me wonder how much these famously wealthy celebrities are personally donating to charities? Up next are some of the expensive celebrity rides out there.

#10 - Are You Thinking Kardashian?

I don't think there's any celebrity list the Kardashian's don't make! This time it's Kim Kardashian for owning and driving a super-hot Ferrari F430 worth a measly $187,000. The television reality star can usually be spotted in her Bentley Continental GT, but it's the F430 that's got the higher price tag. Kim's got a whole whack of products she uses her name to endorse. From diet pills to her perfumes, a marketer's dream is what this girl is. And for additional pocket change she makes all sorts of appearances on shows and at events. Kim's got it pretty tough having to make the almost $4,000/month payment on her ride. Jeesh!


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