Insane Items Only The Super Wealthy Would Buy Jun 20, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

If you had more money than you could ever imagine, what is the craziest thing that you’d buy? We’re not talking about yachts or mansions, but strange items that most people wouldn’t expect. Of course, everyone is different and people are always interested in different things, so there is a stunning variety of oddities that you can only get your hands on if you are REALLY rich. Here’s a list of fascinating items that are either for sale or have already made it into the hands of their eclectic owners - which ones would you purchase with your newfangled riches? Bird feathers? Teeth? Space rocks?

Elvis Presley's Hair


A lock of hair from The King of Rock n’ Roll once sold at an online auction for a whopping $115,000 back in 2002. His barber, Homer Gill Gilleland, had kept the lock of hair all this time, and now it belongs to one lucky Elvis super-fan, who also happens to be super-rich if he or she could afford the hefty price.

Diamond-Studded Phones

Stuart Hughes

If you need a truly opulent iPhone 5, there’s one model available that was rebuilt with a solid 24-carat gold chassis studded with over 600 diamonds. The home screen button was replaced with a massive 26-carat black diamond! It was built by a British jewelry designer by the name of Stuart Hughes, known for his rebuilt and bejeweled phones, and this high-end version of the iPhone was built for a special buyer from China for $16,764,000!

Bling Bikes

Bikers Cafe

Goldfinger, a 24-carat gold plated motorcycle studded with 250 diamonds, was designed by famous Danish engineering firm, Lauge Jensen, and sold for $850,000. Don’t worry, the blinged-up bike is still a comfortable ride - the seat is made out of crocodile skin! Another design firm, Goldgenie, designed a 24-carat gold plated racing bike too, which sold for $500,000.

Monopoly Money

Ivan Bellanova

Ironically enough, Monopoly - a game all about spending your money wisely - has been taken to a whole new level. Sidney Mobell, a San Francisco designer, created a version of the game which includes 18-carat gold and jewels that are worth $2 million.


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