Hollywood’s Most Injury Prone Stars Nov 6, 2015 by Ian (Day Styles)

Jimmy Fallon

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The Tonight Show is at the top of the ratings, but Jimmy Fallon has had some bad luck lately. First, the talented comedian and late-night host tripped and fell at home and almost cut off his finger. He needed 6 hours in surgery and a 10-day stay in the ICU! Two months later Fallon chipped a tooth and headed into the dentist—ironically he was trying to open a jar of medical gel for his injured finger.

Fallon handled his injuries with typical good humor, posting photos on Instagram and joking with fans, but his trials weren’t over. In the middle of accepting the Harvard Lampoon’s Elmer Award for Excellence in Humor Fallen tripped, dropping a bottle and slicing open his hand—again! The funnyman just can’t catch a break, but his wounds haven’t stopped him from partying hard in New York. There are rumors that Fallon is under a lot of stress with the relentless pressure and loneliness at the top of the Tonight Show. But after his spate of minor injuries the Jimmy Fallon is still laughing.


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