Celebrities Favorite Holiday Traditions Dec 18, 2015 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Before they became famous, celebrities were still regular people living regular lives, and they grew up with their own unique holiday traditions. From deep frying turkeys to hosting dinner for the homeless, these celebrities really know how to do Christmas right, all in the spirit of giving.

Mariah Carey

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The "Queen of Christmas" likes to visit Aspen Colorado, for the holidays, and while she’s there, she says it’s tradition to don Santa-themed bikinis and race across the freshly fallen snow to jump in and out of the luxurious hot tub. In 2016, Mariah Carey rented a $22 million AirBnB for a Christmas at the height of luxury surrounded by beautiful snowy mountains!

Angelina Jolie

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Actress and philanthropist Angelina is known for being exceptionally generous, and it’s no different at Christmas. She is obsessed with stockings, everyone in her family needs to have a personalized stocking, and she wraps as many gifts as she can herself. It’s a challenge to fit them all into the stockings for her large family to unwrap on Christmas.

Ryan Gosling

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Ever year, Ryan’s mom plays the Hanson Christmas album over and over. The actor claims that he hates the album, but the whole family humors his mother and laughs as best they can – of course, he also says that if she didn’t play that album, it wouldn’t feel like Christmas to him at all.


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