32 Celebrities Fired Before They Were Famous May 20, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

The stars we see on television and in the movies haven’t always had the most glamorous occupations. In fact, many of them, once upon a time, were fired from their jobs. Celebrated actors, businessmen, and politicians have all suffered serious setbacks on the road to fame. Check out this list of celebrities who were fired before they were famous!

Hugh Jackman

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Before Hugh Jackman was on the big screen as Wolverine, he was just another guy behind the cash register at 7-Eleven. Unfortunately, his time at the convenience store came to an end after only six weeks when his boss fired him for talking too much to the customers. Jackman also admits that he intentionally dented cans of whipped cream (so that he could spray other people with the whipped cream) and fooling around didn’t help his situation. How would you feel having Wolverine serve you your next Slurpee?

Lady Gaga

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Before Lady Gaga was “Lady Gaga,” she was signed to Def Jam Records. The artist let the label know she needed more time to work on her album and, unfortunately, they didn’t exactly see eye to eye. When Gaga first found out that the label had dropped her, she was devastated. The singer went home and sat with her grandma and cried on her shoulder. Her grandma said, “I’m going to let you cry for the rest of the day, and then you’re going to stop crying and you have to go kick some ass.” Those are some wise words.

Mark Cuban

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Prior to becoming the entrepreneurial phenomenon that he is today, Mark Cuban was a struggling kid with six roommates working for $18,000 a year (plus commissions) in a computer store. One day, he seized the chance to sell $15,000 worth of computer software to a company and make himself a solid $1,500 in commissions. But when he asked his boss about the deal, his boss told him to pass on the sale. Cuban was sure his manager was insane and, eager for a hefty commission, he went ahead with the deal. When Cuban brought his manager the check, his boss fired him on the spot for not obeying orders. Still, it all worked out for the billionaire in the end.


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