15 of the Most Charitable Celebs Apr 24, 2015 by Chris (Day Styles)


Beyoncé is a vocal advocate for social change and has launched her #beyGOOD social campaigns. She’s worked with this foundation to help put people back to work, with food and housing services, provide medical assistance and much more. Beyoncé has had many goodwill endeavors and has a large place in her heart for helping the homeless.

Beyoncé doesn’t just use her status to promote change, for years she’s made substantial donations helping homeless communities. Since 2008, she has donated over $7 million to a Houston housing charity, providing living, food, counseling & health care for many residents who would otherwise be on the streets. Beyoncé is humble about her donations and doesn’t like to publicize her financial contributions, unknown to many of her fans, $1 from each ticket for her recent 'On The Run' Tour helped fund a higher education program.

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