Secrets of People Who Don’t Have Clutter

Jan 19, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Are you the type of person that keeps everything, just in case you may need it someday? This can quickly become an unhealthy habit, and before you know it you’re “hoarding” everything like a pack rat. Take a look around your home and see if you have unnecessary clutter. When you’re able to declutter your living space, it helps “declutter” your mind and your life, reducing stress and helping you gain energy and focus. Here are some secrets from people who have learned how to avoid clutter in their lives, tips that can help you clear up and stay spick and span!

They don’t keep old stuff…

People who don’t have clutter don’t keep their old stuff – it’s that simple. If it’s time for something new, the old thing gets donated or thrown away completely. Those who don’t like clutter don’t typically have an excess of anything, especially in smaller places that don’t have a lot of storage, so when they have a duplicate of something they don’t need they discard the old item. If it still works and you’re reluctant to throw it in the trash, give it away to friends or family, charity, or put it up for sale.

They don’t have a junk drawer…

Junk drawers were created by people who didn’t have the time to put their stuff away, but the junk has definitely spiraled out of control. If you take your junk drawer away completely, it means you should be putting stuff back in its proper place every time. When you’re putting items away and realize they don’t have a proper place you can get rid of them! People who don’t have clutter don’t want those extra things lying around, and especially don’t want a junk drawer, so they have to decide what they truly need to keep. This helps them discard extra things they don’t want or need.

They clean their counters…

Clutter always seems to start on countertops. People who hate clutter resist the urge to drop things off on the counter and always put small kitchen appliances away when they are finished using them. Create another space for your mail or your house keys and keep that stuff there. A clutter-free home starts with clutter-free countertops!

They take out the trash…

People who hate clutter tend to have a simple but effective garbage system – keeping the garbage bins handy, separate from the recycling, and ready for disposal. They make sure there’s no trash lying around in the kitchen, counters, or tables. They don’t let the garbage overflow and take it out when it’s full.

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