Best Foods To Help Combat Stress Feb 16, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Choosing healthy foods when you’re stressed can have a positive impact on your mood, helping to relieve tension, stabilize your blood sugar, and send your stress running for the hills. Instead of reaching for a bag of chips, try these nutritious recommendations instead!

Green Leafy Vegetables

Dark leafy greens (like spinach) are very rich in folate, which is a compound that helps your body produce mood-regulating neurotransmitters including serotonin and dopamine. There was a study done in the United States that has shown that the more folate a person eats, the lower their risk of clinical depression.

Turkey Breast

Turkey is extremely well known for providing us with more than enough tryptophan, which is an amino acid that helps your body produce serotonin, which is another amino acid that lifts our spirts and puts us in a good mood. Other sources of tryptophan include pumpkin seeds, nuts, and organic free-range eggs.


The compound that gives blueberries (and other berries) their dark hue is called anthocyanins. They are antioxidants and contribute to the production of dopamine, which is a chemical critical to coordination, memory function and our overall mood. They also help our bodies boost our natural defences, like white blood cells that strengthen our immunity and are useful for countering stress!


One study done at Harvard showed that eating two servings of pistachios per day lowered vascular restriction in humans during stress, which means that arteries open more so that blood can run through your body, giving the heart a much-needed break. The actual action of eating pistachios can be a calming routine for some people as well, as it’s very repetitive and some people may find it rather meditative.


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