Nail Polish Blunders to Avoid Sep 3, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

Get the Facts for Perfectly Beautiful Nails

It certainly doesn't take much to muck up your nails. To get picture perfect manicured nails you need a lot more than fabulous nail polish. You can tell a quick and lazy cheap nail job a mile away! Some common nail finishing mishaps are using expire goopy nail polish or trying to do your nails too close to your tuck-in time. Chances are we've both done it.

Usually, we are in a rush to go somewhere and the last thing we notice is how crappy looking our nails are. So we try and quickly slather on the nail polish while dressing, tidying the kitchen, and putting on make-up. Hence, we end up with a big gunky mess. Everybody makes mistakes. It's how we learn from them, right? Here are a few common errors when it comes to getting down and dirty with your nails you'll want to avoid!


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