7 Ways To Get Your Morning Off To A Great Start Oct 20, 2015 by Sarah (Day Styles)

When you wake up feeling rushed and frazzled, it’s hard to start feeling good about the day, but the question is how do you avoid feeling so rushed in the mornings with feelings of anxiety? What types of activities can you implement or change in order for your morning to be off to a better start and set you up for a day of success? Here are some that we have found to work great.


Drink Water & Lemon

Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon when you first wake up in the morning has a variety of benefits and is an excellent way to get your body kick-started for the day. You want the water to be warm so it’s not a huge shock to your senses, even room temperature would be ok. The lemon helps start your digestive system so that it gets prepared for the day’s work, and water is crucial because you’ve been asleep for so long your body is actually dehydrated. Water will help your body wake up naturally, it should be the first thing you consume as soon as you wake up. When you drink water on an empty stomach, it helps to clear the colon making it easier for nutrients to absorb into the body. It also increases production of new blood and muscle cells, it helps to purge toxins from the blood which keeps your skin looking young and clear and it contributes to balance your lymph system (the lymph system helps to perform your daily functions such as balancing body fluids and fight infections).

Wake Up Earlier

This one is probably high on the list because really, for us to feel less rushed we need to wake up a bit earlier. If you’re a trained night owl because you like the quiet and peacefulness that comes with late nights, you’ll love the quiet that also comes with early mornings. It does take some time, but it’s just a matter of shifting your personal time to the early morning rather than the late night. The ideal time to wake up varies from person to person and has a lot to do with circadian rhythm. Ideally, civil twilight is the best time for most people to wake up (when the horizon is clearly visible, but you would need to use artificial light to see other objects clearly). However that time changes throughout the year so it would be easier some months rather than others.


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